Vastu Tips for Construction of Stairs and Homes

Stairs should be considered well in Vastu Shastra. Positive energies climb up the stairs of a home and make their way through your interiors. You should also consider the shape and location of stairs along with elevation and height to have strong flow of positive energies.

  • South, north-west, and south-west are the best directions for stairs in a house. They shouldn’t be placed in the north of the building.
  • Always keep odd numbers of steps in a stair case, such as 5, 9, 15, 11, 21, etc.
  • Don’t hang pictures of deities at the end or middle of staircase. Each level is occupied by our feet and it is not a respectable place for them.
  • Avoid the spiral staircases as they are not auspicious and they also bind the building with negative energy.
  • Staircase should go to clockwise direction. Anti-clockwise stairs show that the time circle of inhabitants in reverse direction.
  • Don’t build stairs in front of main gate of the building as all positive energies and luck will climb up and won’t enter in the building.
  • You can create storage area under the stairs. But avoid building seating area or bathroom over there as it is very unlucky.

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