Vastu Remedies to Manage Sensitive Direction in South Facing Homes

Many people believe that South is a negative direction for Vastu as it is ruled by Mangal (Mars). House shouldn’t open in this direction as it is owned by the God of Death, Lord Yama. But effective Vastu remedies can make it prosperous. With proper planning and utilization of space according to Vastu principles, no direction is bad.

  • These homes should be built and more open towards the east and north directions.
  • Make sure there is no slope towards the south in these plots.
  • Make higher boundary in the west and south directions in south facing homes and plots.
  • South-west part of the house or plot must have raised floor height.
  • They should have huge number of balconies towards the east and the north.
  • North east zone must have borewell to improve energy of the home.
  • Slope of roof must be positioned towards the north or east of the complex.

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