Vastu Principles for Home Décor

We have both negative and positive energies around. Vastu Shastra guides us to rectify the flow of energy and create positive environment. There are many home decors we use in the interiors of the home. Here are the vastu guidelines for the most common home décor objects –


Entrance creates first impression about the residents. It can set up the tone of your life in the home. It affects the perceptions and moods. So, it is recommended to choose pleasant and sensible objects to greet your visitors and guests from entrance before you step inside.


A home décor cannot complete without live flowers and plants. Plants carry living energy in the space and keep the air purified. Proper vitality and green energy is vital to the interiors of your home to filter the air we take in.


It can cheer and uplift your living space with its warmth, brightness, and energy. Make sure the auspicious sun rays enter the home in the morning and brighten it up. Be sure it has proper ventilation and enough windows to let the sunlight come in.

Paintings and Murals

Murals and paintings are important to help you connect with nature. The natural patterns can liven up the environment with environmental graphics. Follow the Vastu rules when placing murals and paintings.

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