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Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. The five natural elements are:- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

Vastu Consultant in Lucknow for Vastu remedies, home architecture & interior 

If you are looking for the Vastu Consultant in Lucknow then Shubh Labh Vastu Vidhya is the best Vastu Consultant in Lucknow. Here you will get all the best solution for every question related to vastu by our Vastu Experts. We also known for the Vastu & Astrologer Expert in Lucknow and as Vastu Architecture Consultant for house in Lucknow.

Vastu and Astrologer expert in lucknow

Ajit Sri, also known as “Vastu & Astrologer Expert”, offers his services to leading personalities, builders, top-level industrialists, and business houses with decades of knowledge and experience. He also has deep understanding in Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Color Therapy, and various Yantras. He is one of the best Vastu Consultant in Lucknow 

He uses the best of his knowledge to improve the effects of Vastu. He blends vastu arrangements and individual’s horoscope to provide best results. 

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Vastu Experts in Lucknow


Vastu refers to build surrounding and environment and Shastra is a by-laws or a perfect system in Sanskrit. The term ‘Vastu’ means ‘providing shelter’. Vastu includes the methods of developing any type of shelter which has innate environment with positive effects of five elements in earth known as “Panch Mahabhuta”.


Astrology refers to the study of movements and positions of celestial objects by divining details about terrestrial events and human affairs. Astrology has rich history of over 2nd millennium BCE and it is rooted from celendrical systems to predict shifts and to interpret celestial movements as symbols of divine communications.

Vastu Consultant in Lucknow
Vastu Consultant in Lucknow

Vastu Remedies

We have both negative and positive energies around. Vastu Shastra guides us to rectify the flow of energy and create positive environment. 

There are many home decors we use in the interiors of the home.

Poojan & Jap

Here we provide Poojan & Jap service for every pooja which is fully based on the vastu rules like:

  • Vastu Shanti Pooja
  • Rudrabhishek
  • Kundli Milan Pooja
  • Shani Pooja
  • Baglamukhi Mantra Jaap Anusthan 
Vastu Consultant in Lucknow
Vastu Consultant in Lucknow

 Architecture & Interior as per Vastu Principle

According to Vastu, construction of houses is not that simple. Interior design should be planned well according to Vastu guidelines for maximum results. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science for building and designing, which unifies art, science, astrology, and astronomy. Vastu Shastra is aimed to maintain the balance between the universe and architecture of the building to make your life easier.

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