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Vastu and Astrologer expert in lucknow

Ajit Sri, also known as “Vastu & Astrologer Expert”, offers his services to leading personalities, builders, top-level industrialists, and business houses with decades of knowledge and experience. He also has deep understanding in Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Color Therapy, and various Yantras. He is one of the best Vastu Architecture Consultant for house in Lucknow 

He uses the best of his knowledge to improve the effects of Vastu. He blends vastu arrangements and individual’s horoscope to provide best results. 

Vastu architecture consultant in lucknow

Vastu Architecture for house in Lucknow

There is always a scientific explanation behind everything on vastu shastra. When we construct a building or room, then some energies will be formed in each room or area. These energies can be positive as well as negative depending on the architecture of the house. Vastu gives the particular rules while building a house according to the direction and position that will help in forming positive energy everywhere in building.

Our Vastu and Astrology experts gives you the best advice for the vastu architecture for house in Lucknow. By following their remedies you will observe the positiveness and prosperity in your house.


Vastu Consultant for house in Lucknow 

 It is very important to consult Vastu expert while constructing the house. Vastu Shastra ensures that the house is constructed in such a way that you will receive positive vibration from each and every corner which will keeps you satisfied and happy. It also improve your relationship with your family and you will be far away from all the tensions and negative energy.

However, contacting a Vastu consultant for house in Lucknow would ensure that the house is constructed with the rules of Vastu so that you and your family lead a happy and wonderfull life.

7 Tips for Vastu Architecture for House

Vastu architecture for house in lucknow
  • Plot: Try and buy a plot that is rectangular or a regular shape, this helps in avoiding wastage and creates a good design & brings harmony. East, West & North Facing Plots are preferred as they provide us with a Good Entrance and helps in following certain Vastu Principles.
  • Building Position: Leave more space towards North and East side of the House compared to South and West side.We should generally leave space all around the house, it is considered as a good vastu, this helps in better air circulation and proper ventilation.
  • Entry: Entry Gate into the Plot is advisable to be in North & East, these areas are generally cool and helps in better ventilation. Entry to the house is also prefered to be in North or East, this helps the house dwellers in having Prosperity and Good Health.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen is the most important part of any house, it is advisable that the kitchen is located in the South East part of the house. This helps in proper ventilation and creates overall warmth in the family and relationships.
  • Toilets & Bathrooms: Toilets and Bath rooms are advised to be located on the South & West part of the house, leaving the North and East parts free for proper ventilation and also protecting the house from heat.
  • Center of the House: Central portion of the house should be left free for circulation and any heavy structures like staircases etc. should not be placed in the center.
  • Water: Underground Tanks, Water Tanks, Bore wells, etc. should be located in the North East portion of the house.

Vastu tips for the staircase construction

Vastu architecture consultant in lucknow

A staircase must be built in the western or southern part of the house. We should make sure it is not constructed in the north-east corner, as that could lead to the financial losses for the owner. Staircase should be constructed in west or south only. As per the Vastu Architecture consultant in Lucknow we give you the best tips for the staircase construction for your house.

Some tips for the construction of the staircase are:

  • An external staircase should be built in the south-east direction facing east, south-west direction facing towards west, north-west direction facing towards north, and south-west direction facing towards south.
  • Always begin the stairs from north to south or east to west. If there is a lack of space then a turn can be taken to other sides.
  • Stairs must have an odd number and the number should never end with a zero.
  • The vertical set of stairs must have an odd number and when divided by three their remainder must be two.
  • Never construct circular staircases as they have the ability to cause bad health. 
  • Try to construct doors at the end and beginning of each staircase. It is also important to make sure that the stairs don’t touch the northern or eastern walls.
  • Construct staircases in such a way that stairs are not openly visible to the visitors. 
  • If the stairs are broken then it must be repaired instantly, as they may lead to tensions and accidents.
  • Rooms like bathroom, kitchen, or pooja room should never be built under a staircase. That area should only used for creating a store room.
  • If a linear staircase is constructed, it must begin from north – south or east – west (inside or outside the house). After that, it can take any direction.

Hence follow these simple steps to form positive energy and prosperity in your house.

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