You may have well-structured factory but if it is not Vastu-ready, it cannot provide all-round satisfaction to the owner when it comes to health, wealth, peace, and efficiency of staff.

The site is the main focus where the factory is being built and the deciding factor behind the success. Profit making is the main objective of your factory. Anyone suspects Vastu behind the loss or failing to achieve the business goal. Factory’s vastu should be analyzed properly and corrected well with remedies.

At Shubh Labh Vastu, we help you run your business successfully with our Factory Vastu services, which lead to better profits and large-scale production. It is very helpful to apply vastu for industry and it makes way to security, prosperity, and strength of the business.

We will consider the following points while analyzing the vastu of your factory –

  • Location of beams, entrance and basement
  • Direction and placement of heavy machines, windows, owner, employees, finished goods and raw materials, generators and other electrical equipments, stairs, AC and coolers, kitchen, toilets, guard room, water boring, etc.