We have both negative and positive energies around. Vastu Shastra guides us to rectify the flow of energy and create positive environment. There are many home decors we use in the interiors of the home. Here are the vastu guidelines for the most common home décor objects – Entrance Entrance creates first impression about the residents. It can set up the tone of your life in the home. It affects the perceptions and moods. So,
Stairs should be considered well in Vastu Shastra. Positive energies climb up the stairs of a home and make their way through your interiors. You should also consider the shape and location of stairs along with elevation and height to have strong flow of positive energies. South, north-west, and south-west are the best directions for stairs in a house. They shouldn’t be placed in the north of the building. Always keep odd numbers of steps
Many people believe that South is a negative direction for Vastu as it is ruled by Mangal (Mars). House shouldn’t open in this direction as it is owned by the God of Death, Lord Yama. But effective Vastu remedies can make it prosperous. With proper planning and utilization of space according to Vastu principles, no direction is bad. These homes should be built and more open towards the east and north directions. Make sure there
Are you designing or setting up your office space? Be sure to consider these Vastu tips for interior designing – All the doors should be well painted in offices and commercial spaces. Any annoying noise in closing and opening door will interrupt positive vibes. Also avoid doors which open and close automatically. Dustbins should be hidden at all times and shouldn’t be kept to the doors. Don’t put mirror-like objects or mirrors in front of